Groin Hernia Repairs Without Mesh

4 Jun 2024 | Evidence Based Medicine, Hernia

Using surgical mesh to reinforce the abdominal wall when repairing groin hernias has been considered the gold standard treatment since the 1990s, first as an open operation and more recently as laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery.  Mesh repairs of groin hernias have been shown to be more durable, and have fewer long-term complications than previous techniques of hernia repair without mesh.  However, a small number of people still develop long-term problems with the mesh, including persisting pain in the groin.  

There is now growing evidence to support a new technique of repairing groin hernias using the body’s own fibrous tissue rather than mesh.  It appears to offer similar long-term durability to mesh repairs, without the risks of mesh-related complications.  It also avoids the costs of the mesh and the laparoscopic surgical equipment, so may be considerably less costly for people who are self-funding their surgery.  This technique requires an open cut, as opposed to laparoscopic surgery, and has mainly been tested in men with small to medium-sized hernias and a body mass index of under 30 kg/m2, so the results may not apply to women and people with larger hernias or larger bodies.  

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