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Resources added to web site

I have been busy updating the web site over the past couple of weeks, in particular adding many resources for patients and doctors.  In particular I have added a page about gallbladder surgery, and...

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Laparoscopic groin hernia repairs

Hernias are where a weakness in the abdominal wall allow some of the abdominal contents to squeeze out so they sit directly beneath the skin.  One of the most common sites of hernias is the groin...

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On mesh and hernia repairs

There have been a number of articles published in the popular press recently discussing the use of mesh in surgery, and associated complications.  Unfortunately this is a complex topic, and the...

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Hello world!

Welcome to the web site for Aspiring Bariatrics Laparoscopy and Endoscopy Limited.  ABLE is the specialst surgical practice of Dr Mark Smith, catering to patients in Dunedin, Invercargill and the...

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