Target Weight iPhone app

14 Nov 2012 | Weight Loss

I wanted to pass on a patient recommendation for an iPhone app that monitors weight loss.  It is called Target Weight and available on the iTunes store here.

This app allows tracking of your weight loss journey and shows graphs of you present weight in relation to your target weight.

Methods of weight tracking post-surgery can be an excellent way of maintaining motivation and keeping sight of goals.  There are also more sophisticated apps out there that allow tracking of energy intake and output – just look in the health and fitness section of the iTunes app store.  Again there is good evidence that people who keep a log of the food they eat, tend to consume fewer calories overall.  If you are interested in trying one of these apps, just be sure to look for one that tracks energy in kilojoules, which is how New Zealand food labels are written.

If anyone has any experiences with any particular app they want to share, please leave a comment below.