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We know through experience and multiple medical studies that when a person has a BMI higher than 35 kg/m², it is exceptionally difficult to lose a meaningful amount of weight and keep it off.  This is where weight loss surgery fits in.

In 1991, the National Institues of Health in the United States examined all the interventions that might help people lose weight.  They concluded that for people with a BMI of greater than 40 kg/m² (or 35 kg/m² if they have associated medical problems), weight loss surgery was the most effective treatment.  Similar recommedations have been adopted by multiple medical and public health groups worldwide.

At Aspiring Bariatrics Laparoscopy and Endoscopy Limited our criteria for undergoing weight loss surgery are:

  • Longstanding class II obesity (BMI > 35 kg/m²), to calculate your BMI please use the form below
  • Previous unsuccessful attempts at weight loss
  • Understanding of the risks and benefits of surgery
  • Prepared to comit to the life long lifestyle changes and follow-up required for weight loss surgery
  • Acceptable risk for surgery
  • No untreated medical, psychiatric or substance abuse issues

Weight loss surgery may also be indicated for people with a BMI of 30 – 35 kg/m² if the suffer from type 2 diabetes.  We are also please to offer the ORBERA® Gastric Balloon for those with a BMI of 27 – 40 kg/m².

We offer a comprehensive multi-disciplinary assessment for all patients interested in weight loss surgery including medical assessment, nutritional assessment, diagnostic sleep testing and laboratory studies. Following this assessment we offer a choice of modern laparoscopic weight loss surgery operations in one of two state of the art facilities.

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